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M.E. Baird (Matthew Ede Baird) is a remarkable and mysterious talent with a three-decade career. 

Not only is he a critically acclaimed singer, songwriter, and musician, but he is also a prize-winning artist whose artwork is as unique and captivating as his music.  From his deep lamenting voice and beguiling songs to his intricate thought-provoking artwork,  M.E. Baird is an artist in every sense.  

Originating from Melbourne, M.E. Baird has lived in many places since each a unique chapter in his life and art.  He has for the last decade been based on Bundjalung Country, New South Wales, where he continues to pursue his great loves of songwriting, and making music and art.



M.E. Baird began his musical career in Melbourne in the late 1980's continuing through to 1998 as part of the inner city Melbourne rock and post-punk scene before leaving Australia for the UK and Europe to expand upon his musical and art education. He returned home and relocated to Sydney in 2000 to pursue an academic career in art and design.  His music career would take a short break until 2004 when he returned to Melbourne and began writing songs, recording and rereleasing music.  Back in Melbourne, he hit the ground running and would go on to write and record five critically acclaimed solo albums including numerous recordings with other bands.  During this period he would also get to share the stage, tour with and open for some of his favourite musicians, including, Roland S Howard, Spencer P Jones, Kim Salmon,  Ed Keupper, Sarah Caroll, Chris Wilson and Ian Rilen.  His biggest accolades, however, would come under the assumed musical nome de plume of  'Lionel Lee', a binge-drinking, bar-brawling gothic country wanderer with his band of ravaged vagrants known as the Lionel Lee Three and Lionel Lee's Curse.  Sadly, Lionel's time would come to an abrupt and tragic end. But that is a whole other story.  M.E. Baird has also contributed songs and composed original soundtrack work in film and television.  As a visual artist, he has won several prizes and exhibited widely.  More recently he has expanded his art practice into short audio-visual projects combining his music and images. 



"There is a haunting quality to M.E. Baird’s music, a type of dark folk and blues noir that permeates the songs.  Baird knows how to balance the beauty successfully and the despair on 'Time' and as a result, this is an album that should fit nicely in the record collections of fans of songwriters such as Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, and Mark Lanegan."

★★★★  - The Music (Australia)

"The slowly developing, intimately held tracks, which are neither folk, nor country, but maybe a Cohen/Cave-inspired interpretation of both, are meant for the small, dark, alone spaces of your life. Being also a visual artist,  there is no surprise that his songs are often described as possessing a distinct visual richness and depth where each song can be like cinematic vignettes."

★★★★ - Sydney Morning Herald

"Deeply emotive, whether in the carefully crafted lyrics, the music itself, or his deep lamenting singular voice, emotion drips from everywhere, it trickles down walls and pools on the floor. It aches and hurts...and it’s beautiful."

★★★★ - Rythmns Magazine

"His songs are visually rich possessing a novelistic quality that is dark and warm. The music of M.E. Baird cajoles and challenges.

Images flow and tunes beguile. A treat."

★★★★ - The Music Collective

"Baird speaks of lost loves and scarred hearts, and while he paints life in a harsh light, he still finds something to hold onto, be it a memory or dream not yet faded. This dark folk at its finest, sad, bitter, and beautiful."

★★★★The Brag Magazine, Sydney

"M.E. Baird's live performances are nothing short of compelling with his deep lamenting vocal style and singular stage presence."

 Holden Hill Music

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